Crime Stoppers receives sponsorship donation

The Hamilton County Crime Stoppers recently received a $1,500 donation from Jerry Goebel State Farm Insurance to sponsor theTipSoft program. TipSoft is an electronic service that allows tipsters to remain completely anonymous when submitting information to local law enforcement.

“We decided to sponsor the TipSoft program because we could not think of a better group, or be prouder than, to partner with local law enforcement, so they can continue keeping the citizens of Hamilton County safe. We feel the Tipsoft program is a great way to make positive change in Hamilton County,” said Goebel. “We have always felt a strong sense of community involvement and, quite frankly, felt there was not a better way to be a ‘good neighbor.’”

The Tipsoft software is installed at the Webster City Police Department. They monitor and share information with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and the Ellsworth-Jewell-Randall Police Department when applicable to their jurisdictions.

Since the anonymous tip service’s inception in April 2011, 554 electronic tips have led to 1,978 further anonymous communications between Hamilton County law enforcement agencies and tipsters resulting in 130 arrests.

The first year’s subscription fee was funded through an Enhance Hamilton County Foundation grant to Hamilton County Crime Stoppers. Jerry Goebel State Farm Insurance has stepped up to cover the cost for this fiscal year.

Hamilton County Crime Stoppers endeavors to encourage the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming two key elements that inhibit community involvement: Fear and Apathy. For more information on the Hamilton County Crime Stoppers, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook.


View this article as it originally appeared in the Daily Freeman-Journal.

Crime Stoppers receives sponsorship donation

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