Here are some of the more common questions asked regarding Hamilton County Crime Stoppers and how the program works.

Q: Is Crime Stoppers a government agency or supported by tax dollars?

A: Crime Stoppers is fully funded by the generous donations of businesses and individuals in Hamilton County who want to reach out and help stop crime in Hamilton County.

Q: Are donations to the Hamilton County Crime Stoppers tax deductible?

A: Yes, donations to the Hamilton County Crime Stoppers are tax deductible.

Q: How much of the donated funds goes towards Board member salaries/payments?

A: Zero. All citizen and law enforcement board members serve in a completely voluntary capacity.

Q: Can I call, text or email Crime Stoppers during an emergency?

A: If you are watching the commission of a crime or require immediate assistance, you should always call 9-1-1 and give them the information. They can direct you how to follow-up with Crime Stoppers by entering your tip after the initial call is made.

Q: Do I truly remain anonymous by telephone, texting or e-mailing?

A: Absolutely. Your information is always anonymous. You will be assigned a code number which you or anyone of your choosing can utilize to collect your reward money.

Q: Are there limits on how many different cases I can offer tips about?

A: No. You may use the Crime Stoppers service as much as you like so long as you are not abusing the system or providing false information.